Welcome to Alchemy Pole Fitness. Akron‘s first ever Premier pole fitness studio. My name is Kagney Necessary and I have been performing for 10 years. I started off as an adult dancer, and like many women do, I fell in love with the art. So I started training professionally in 2017. People kept telling me how good I was getting at pole and all my friends wanted me to give them lessons. In 2018 I decided to start making my relationship with pole more executive, and received certifications to teach pole levels beginner through advanced. I treasure Pole Fitness so dearly, I became determined to not only teach, but to open my very own studio for people to come learn how fun this exercise is for the mind body and soul. Pole fitness delivers a work out that is truly revolutionary in that it doesn't feel like a work out at all! 

The great thing about Alchemy Pole Fitness is that we teach several of the core classes needed to become a great pole dancer more than once a week so that you get better faster!  Our Beginner Confidence is for baby poler‘s to get them self assured in heels, out of heels, and moving around the pole comfortably. Beginner Confidence is offered 3x a week! Invert is the most important and most coveted pole move. For those of us who don’t know what an invert is this means to go upside down on the pole and it is the one thing that most people want to see during a performance and it can be very impressive coupled/tripled etc with other moves called combos. Here at alchemy pole fitness our number one goal is to get your feet off the ground and up in the air over your head we want to get you into your invert ! Invert class is offered twice a week! Some of our other classes include beginner choreo, intermediate/adv exotic choreo, and pole combos on spin and static.  Several options for Intermediate/adv classes will allow you to focus in on getting those more advanced moves such as pole stands, hand springs, aiesha, butterfly, jade, jinero, and more ! I can't wait to dance with you! See you at the studio :)


Kagney Necessary